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Girls night out - Girls night in - Bulwell and Aspley

Park House residents enjoy going out in Bulwell to see the lights & our residents at Melbourne House Aspley like to stay in and enjoy the warmth;


Residents - Bertha Lockyer and Mary Ball with Park House Staff, Carer Nicola and Shirley (Kitchen)  all 'togged up' for their big night out, to see the 'lighting up' in Bulwell town.


Poppies inspire our Melbourne artists to enjoy the warmth of their care home and 'create' while those hardy Bulwell folk wrap up and 'brave the elements' for the lights.


We all like to hear some live music and especially a band playing carols, helps to get in the Christmas spirit.


Concentrating on colouring gives a real focus, as shown here by our lady resident in the pink!


Gathering round the laden tree our ladies pose before returning back to a their warm welcoming home and maybe a cup of Horlicks?

 We can see how satisfying this art activity was by the lovely smile on our ladies face as she enjoys her creativity, in by the hearth.


Well done to all the carers and relatives for making a big effort to get residents to this festive evening;

Posted on 03 Dec 2014
Carers Corner at Park House - A warming story

A warming story, as carer Brenda helps residents in the new Park House wing to make their own 'fire' ;

 All a part of the carers role as carer Brenda gets 'stuck in' literally! Helping residents Dagmar (in the background putting on gloves) and Margaret with their fireplace project.


Listening and learning is as much a part of the carers' role as personal hygiene.

Our carers provide the foundation for daily life at all the care homes. They care for your nearest and dearest.

Carers Maria and Paula make a positive difference to our residents' lives.


Making tiles for the surround - both these residents enjoy interaction with their carers and Brenda obviously has an eye for activities!

The finished fireplace, giving a warm glow to the residents lounge.

More Carers Corner 'tales' from the Eastgate Newsletter;

We asked some of our experienced Park House carers to share their thoughts with us;

Maria Rovetto (4 years as a carer) says: 'The reason I enjoy caring for the residents is because I learn a lot about the residents and the past. I enjoy talking with them and listening to their stories about how their life used to be back in their day, we talk a lot between us'


Paula Butler enjoys her role as Senior Carer partly because of the different needs of the residents, which has changed during her 16 years at Park House. Paula says,

 Care is more varied and challenging today, but that makes it interesting and every day is different.  I work with a great team and I am still learning something new and that is very rewarding.



Posted on 01 Dec 2014
Carer Kelly Arranges Bill's Day Out for Maud's Birthday

 What a special thing for a carer to do for Maud's 90th Birthday - Kelly Beeton was able to raise money, get a present from all the staff at the Belle Vue and organise this lovely day out, which meant so much to Maud and 'Bill' and their close friends.


Going home for the day;

Bill celebrates his wife's 90th Birthday with the rest of his family, he went with the assistance of a carer Kelly and was armed with flowers, chocolates, champagne and cards for his wife . 

William Ludlow (Bill as we call him) has been at the Belle Vue Lodge since August 2011, his wife Maud visits the home regularly and has struck up a nice friendship with Kelly.




Pictured Right Maud and Bill, with special carer and friend Kelly. They all had a wonderful day together.



Maud remembers her Bill as a lovely caring and attentive husband - A true gentleman. 

They have had a very happy life together

An emotional day out as family and friends recall bygone times and enjoy Williams visit back home.


Posted on 23 Jun 2014
Activities Abound at Canal Vue

The central lounge at Canal Vue proves to be a great activities area for the residents as you will see;


Inspiration from Care Home Assistant Marie Martin provided the impetus for the residents to get painting - plant pots, which isn't easy.  Arthur and Mary (pictured right)  really enjoyed it, creating brightly coloured pots, this proved to be a great success. 


Most of the residents loved it, it did get a bit messy and we had to put aprons on! They all had a good go, even if it was hard for some of them.  I think Mary, Arthur & ~Beryl like it the most!  said Activities Coordinator Daniel


Painted Pots pictured below with the Erewash Canal backdrop.



Games are a great activity too and are really good for the thought process, especially dominos. As you can see from those pictured on the right, they are really concentrating.

There are about 6 who really like dominos, so we have a few games most days and they also like sitting round a table and rolling the football to and from each other, which is surprisingly good for the coordination.

Daniel who is both co-ordinator and carer studied sports development.

 Plenty of quiet relaxing areas are available for those who would just like to sit and watch the Canal go by, such as the comfortable garden lounge with the lovely gold chairs.    

Posted on 13 Jun 2014
Residents Enjoy Boots Pamper & Art at Park House Bulwell

A band of 20 volunteers from the Boots head office in Nottingham joined our Park House residents for a day of pampering, arts and crafts and socialising.

 The team treated the ladies to luxurious manicures and hand massages, which made them feel so special some even said they felt like a celebrity for the day!



Art which all could join in with, accessible stencilling enabling painting and montage to encourage creativity too.



The gentlemen residents declined any pampering - feeling they were 'beautiful enough' but chose to play board games and help out with the painting instead. Its fair to say that a good time was had by all! 


Boots staff said;

It was an absolute privilege to join you all for the day. We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, whilst also feeling like we had brought smiles to so many of the residents faces. Some of your residence have the most incredible stories and it was a pleasure to sit with them and listen.


 One lady told me about her undying love for Elvis Presley, so we sat chatting in her room whilst playing some of his songs on my iPod. Its surprising how something so seemingly simple can bring so much joy! We will definitely be back!



Eastgate is very pleased to have the Boots Community team to visit and bring joy and interactivity. It really was a lovely day and we have some great art stencils on the walls to remind us of the visit. We look forward to welcoming them back sometime soon. 


Posted on 31 Mar 2014

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