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Variety is the Spice of Life at Melbourne House

Activities really are key to daily life at Melbourne House.

We have a range of activities planned by Activities Co-ordinator Charise, the following pictures capture the great contrast available, from relaxing and pamper to thought provoking art;


Hands R Us visited Melbourne House to make our lady residents feel good.

There's nothing like a bit of pampering to make you smile as borne out by our residents here.

Nail painting and hand massage, plus a goodie bag for your pampering bits!


Note the nicely varnished nails too!


City College visit the home with their art programme weekly and encourage use of all sorts of 'media'

This week it is time for pottery and pebble painting.

Maureen Marriott shows how this pastime can be very involving, as she is really concentrating to the full here.


 Irene also concentrates  hard here to decorate her pebbles.

All this helps you live longer - see the next Melbourne House story with our latest Centenarian.
Posted on 21 Feb 2014
Well Earned Thanks go to Park House

What a great accolade to all the staff here at Park House, read on......................................


Posted on 06 Nov 2013
Lovely Letter of Thanks for Lucy to Melbourne Staff

We would like to share this with you;

     I write on behalf of Lucy Elliott, who was in your care for just over a year!! Who would have believed it, we thought Lucy would be with you for a short while only, weeks at the most.

A year! That is testament to the care Lucy received whilst at Melbourne House.

It would be wrong of me to single out individuals as everyone who works at Melbourne House in whatever capacity all play a part in running a care home.


I feel that anything I say really is totally inadequate.


But a Huge Huge thank you to everyone!!


You are all doing a wonderful job and should be proud of what you do.

Thank You and Best Wishes to you All


Graham Bond


Posted on 23 Aug 2013
Ron and the Gooseberries at the Belle Vue


Ron and his secret snacks  - Care workers at the Belle Vue were concerned about what resident Ron Jackson was stashing in his pockets and then eating. It seems he was going back to his childhood tricks and doing a bit of scrumping in the Belle Vue garden picking gooseberries. He was relishing both the activity and flavours of pastimes, they do say that taste is a great way of invoking memories.



Ron Jackson recently turned 77, pictured Belle Vue's cook Jane and  Penny with Ron's birthday cake made specially for him.





Ron Jackson pictured with his daughters on a recent visit.


Wanting to use the fruit - memory prompt, Penny at the Belle Vue has fruit day on Fridays; the residents get to choose from a range of fruits and make their own personal fruit salad. There are special containers, a decorated trolley and likes and dislikes are recorded. Not only do they get taste sampling, but the trolley dolly dresses up too, with essence of Carmen Miranda coming to mind!


Posted on 19 Aug 2013
400 Years A record - 4 x 100 year Olds at Eastgate Care

It is a once in a lifetime occurrence when four of our residents reached 100 years old this June– that is one Centenarian at each of our Nottinghamshire Care Homes. Eastgate Care is comparatively young – 22 years in business, but we are proud hosts to our ‘mature’ lady residents. 

It started last year at Park House, Bulwell when May Parr celebrated with a party, cake and a visit by the Lord Mayor of Nottingham.

Next came Madeline Perkins at Melbourne House in Aspley, she had a big family gathering and of course a huge cake!




This year  Peggy Bestwick at Alexandra House reached her 100th year  Peggy had a Thanksgiving Service at the Home, given by a Minister she hadn't seen for 15 years.

Peggy who used to have a hairdressing business in Eastwood believes the secret of her longevity is 'fresh air, good food and a belief in God' 

Our most recent Centenarian is Anne (Ethel Fletcher) at the Belle Vue, Mapperley & like her counterparts she had a great party and received a telegram of congratulations from the Queen. In addition she enjoyed a sing along to 'forces band' Razzle Dazzle and had coverage in the Nottingham Post and lots of flowers.


All the ladies are lively characters and important contributors at each home.

They are testament to the loving and caring staff, family and friends visiting and engaging with them and their companions in the care home.

We wish them well in their 100th year.

Posted on 18 Jun 2013

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