Eastgate - Quality, private nursing care homes in the Nottingham area

Terms and conditions give effective structure at Eastgate Care Homes, in Nottinghamshire.

We do our upmost to provide a welcoming and caring environment for all our residents. However, we feel sure you will realise that it is necessary to set down the terms and conditions upon which we conduct our business. These terms and conditions are the basis of the agreement between us, and we invite you to read them carefully before signing.

If you sign as the appointee of the resident you will be accepting personal liability for honouring this agreement.

  1. Our homes are all registered nursing homes and undertake to provide care to the resident compatible with that status
  2. You will be advised of the fees payable. These include nursing care, accommodation and full board
  3. All fees are payable 4 weeks in advance, and should be paid by cheque payable to Eastgate Ltd.
  4. If the resident (or the appointee) wishes to terminate this agreement, then not less than four weeks notice shall be given in writing, or fees paid in lieu of notice
  5. From time to time our homes are able to accept residents for short-term care. Arrangements for such care shall be agreed in advance and recorded in writing
  6. Although every care is taken of the resident's personal items and clothing, Eastgate Ltd. cannot accept any liability for damage or loss. It is recommended that wherever possible, items of clothing should be permanently marked with the resident's identification, preferably using woven sewn-in labels
  7. The occupation of a room by the resident does not constitute a tenancy. Eastgate Ltd. reserves the right to terminate the licence to occupy a room on giving at least two weeks notice in writing
  8. Eastgate Ltd. reserves the right to ask the resident to vacate the home for non-payment of fees, or in the event of anti-social behaviour by the resident or their visitors
  9. Visitors are welcome, and there are no set hours for visiting, although it may be necessary to impose restrictions from time to time. Such occasions will be kept to an absolute minimum.
  10. Any complaints or queries should be directed to the Care Home Manager at the earliest opportunity.

Gender pay reporting

Eastgate Care is fully committed to ensuring gender equality and we are proud of our track record. This is our annual report on our achievement in this area.
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