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Lady Chatterley entices Ladies that Lunch in Eastwood!

Activities Coordinator for Alexandra House, Matt, takes the girls out for lunch and does 'love monsters'  with children;


Choosing what to have for lunch proved an exciting challenge for Winnie and Doris;

'We love it at Alex House but Its good to get out, once in a while.'

Mine's just a half, Glennis enjoyed it really....

The Lady Chatterley pub at Eastwood, did us proud and the ladies delighted in tucking-in, to their pub grub. Doris is obviously delighted, she does like participating.

Our very own intergenerational project has been going some time now and more and more individuals are benefiting.



It is win win for the young and elderly as they embark on the creative love monsters activity. Our residents have a sense of purpose after engaging with the children.

The children always learn something from their visit.

Creativitiy is often at the forefront of the activities, it is engaging and rewarding;

Mobility is often debilitating, so a little physical game helps all round and is a regular feature.

Time for a chat and interaction is really as important as all activities.


'Its the great team work we have at Alexandra House, which makes it a place called home for our residents.' Manager Caroline Carraher, pictured centre.


Posted on 14 Feb 2019
Music for the Mind at Melbourne House, February 9th - Aspley, Nottingham

Posted on 15 Jan 2019
Events Round Up - Across our Care Homes

Lots of activities happened at all our homes over the holiday period, with staff providing care and entertainment and being family to our many residents during the festive season;

Deciding which present to open first an obvious dilemma at Canal Vue - luckily an assistant is on hand!

Ladies in red, with rapport - present and card openings as staff help residents at Belle Vue.

Dressing up is all part of the occasion and many residents were good participants and enjoyed the be-decking as did this lady resident at Melbourne House.

The local Scouts visited Melbourne House, where there was much interaction and sharing of festivities.The visiting singer did a grand job and the residents so enjoyed the music and singing along.

Super happy smiley Christmas team at Park House.

This is a lovely picture of our other ladies in red, Mo and Mary, at Park House - sharing and smiling.......

A good time was had by all and well done to our lovely staff who worked over the holiday and made it a loving, sharing happy time for our residents.

Posted on 07 Jan 2019
Panto causes a stir at Belle Vue Mapperley

..............oh no he didnt, & its behind you


The Panto Company did a great job of inspiring our audience and the residents, friends and family, enjoyed the participation.

ladies having a laugh at their in-house pantomine.

Its behind you ...............

Staff decorated the home and made a great job of creating a christmassy ambience for all to enjoy.

Posted on 14 Dec 2018
Melbourne House, 'Play their cards right' with the Scouts in Aspley

Melbourne House - A place called home, to have fun and share with others. The Notts 92 Scouts pay a visit;

The Notts 92 Scout Group make the day for Catherine, it was her birthday and they all sang Happy Birthday and joined in the cake presentation.

The group of scouts sang some special scout songs & carols for the residents, 



This lady definately enjoyed the visitors and was helped to take a selfie - perhaps her first?


This too is a lovely picture, the scouts were really very sociable and mixed well with our residents;


The visit stimulated much social interaction and engagement as you can see here, there was a great rapport...... in addition to some gaming - Play Your cards rightOne resident and a group of scouts in each team played against each other. 


The staff are very polite and caring.
All clean and teamwork very good.
Nurses are caring and helpful when needed.


Recent visitor comments. 


Posted on 14 Dec 2018

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