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Gold Standard Achievment at Park House

Great results obtained as Park House is awarded the Gold Standard for Care Homes.(GSFCH).......

Congratulations go to Kate Fox who initiated and lead this project and Care Home Manager Jacqui Inglis & all the team at Park House. What a great start for 2013.



Pictured left determined team leader Kate Fox who has pursued the Gold Standard all the way to completion of this Quality Hallmark Award.

It has taken foresight and commitment to go forward with this, documenting, communicating and monitoring change have been key and Kate has taken this on board from start to its accreditation today.

The GSFCH is a step towards better care for those nearing the end of life, it is about recognising the needs of residents and having procedures in place to effect good care.



This programme covers a whole range of Care aspects and is so thorough that no element of care is neglected Staff undergo training for competency based assessment and managers are able to develop training needs from this.

Communication and Continuity are intrinsic within the GSFCH so that any necessary changes in care are made visible to all involved;  Carer, Manager, GP, relative, resident.

Eastgate Care recognised the investment needed to go forward with the gold standard, develop further skills and strategies in its areas of expertise and are fortunate to have the right people leading and within the team at Park House to implement this.  Eastgate had the benefit of an experienced End of Life Facilitator from the local health authority, to offer support throughout the process.


 Care Home Manager - Jacqui Inglis, fully supportive of the Gold Standard throughout the project and as part of the Park House daily procedures.




"I know the time and effort that the staff at Park House have put into gaining this accreditation, in particular Kate Fox and Michele Whiley, two of our registered nurses. We are very proud of the home and the excellent care they provide for people coming to the end of their life"


 - Operations Manager Sue Clifford


Posted on 17 Jan 2013
Get Airborne at Melbournes Big Draw

Eastgate Care entered the Big Draw during October with our grand finale at Melbourne House

Charise Activity Coordinator organising the event, decided to give their Big Draw a real lift and launch the sculptures made by residents, friends, family, staff and service visitors;


Charise-Activity Coordinator, pictured (looking a bit like a Mary Poppins!) is excited to be launching the sculptures which they have all made at Melbourne House. Friends & family came to join in too!

Our local City Councillor - Councillor Jenkins came along to support our event, it was great to have him involved in 'the action'



This was a national art activity throughout October, that all our Homes and Activity Co-ordinators participated in – using cost effective telephone wire which is light and easy to use to mould into individual sculptures. 'Following a great days training we felt this idea could work for us and be less intimidating for a lot of people who dont like drawing' Charise then came up with this great idea to provide more of an event and launch by balloon. Pictured Care Worker Amary trying her hand.

 Madaline (who celebrated a BIG birthday earlier this year) and her daughter get wiring, quite a fiddly job, but they both managed to create something!

 The challenge is to get the most participants for a Care Home setting, so we are now counting up.

We had help from Nottingham Confetti with filming this event and would like to say thank you to them for their very responsive reaction getting photographer Mikey along, he made a fantastic effort and contributed really well to the activity.



Sculpture ready for launch.




Charise smiles with relief to 'see off' the Big Draw!

 Mikey prepares for filming.




Posted on 30 Oct 2012
Park House Prepare for Big Draw Lift Off

Activities Coordinator Kerry decided, with the residents at Park House, to adopt 'Hearts and Flowers' for their creative theme entering into the Big Draw - In Lines, using wire.




Kerry pictured gets ready for a double twist, not only do they twist the wire to make individual sculptures, they are going to launch them into the sky with Helium.

The Big Draw is the world’s biggest celebration of drawing. It has grown into a month-long festival running throughout October in all parts of the UK. Every year more organisers across the world join the Big Draw family and run drawing events to engage their communities in creative activities.

 Some of the wire creations made by residents, staff and visitors to the Care Home.

 'I went round the home and asked the residents what would they like to make, to join in this event and a lot of them said hearts and flowers as they felt this would go with theme of using the tree in the garden as part of the sculpture' said Kerry

I managed to get most of the residents to participate, lots of the staff and visitors too. We then recorded this in our own Big Draw book.

 Watch out for further news of the Grand Finale as our sculptures become airborne and we compete for the most 'Big Drawers' from a Care Home setting.  

Posted on 25 Oct 2012
Sculpt with us for Our Big Draw - In Lines

The Big Draw is the world’s biggest celebration of drawing. It has grown into a month-long festival running throughout October in all parts of the UK. Every year more organisers across the world join the Big Draw family and run drawing events to engage their communities in creative activities. 

This year's theme is 'In Lines'


We at all our Care Homes are entering the Big Draw Contest - it is a national art activity that all our Homes and Activity Co-ordinators can participate in and ‘enjoy’

Our Big Draw will be wire based – using cost effective telephone wire which is light and easy to use for ‘all’ , however due to a ‘run’ on this product we now have to have wire shipped in from New York!


The wire can be moulded into individual sculptures, which will then be launched by helium balloon or made into garden sculptures at Alexandra House.

It is an inclusive activity, so that we can encourage our residents, relatives, friends & families, staff, adult services, doctors, Councillors………………………………. everyone who comes in the care home!

Come and join us at one of our Care Homes for our Big Draw – The challenge is to get the most participants for a Care Home setting.


Belle Vue Lodge at Mapperley - Alexandra House at Eastwood - Melbourne House at Aspley Lane - Park House at Cinderhill.


All welcome, come and participate

Posted on 05 Oct 2012
Artist Award for Alexandra House

An emphasis on art and what can be achieved for Care Home residents ensured that Eastgate’s Home at Eastwood Nottingham, was awarded the Artist in Residence programme from Nottingham City Arts. Eastgates commitment to Art in the Care Homes was exhibited by involvement in the recent activities Art in Care training, personnel and management staff becoming thoroughly engaged with the art process and committing to participation in the National Big Draw Event.

Kaerre does the long draw at Art in Care training, Rufford Craft Centre



Following an enlightening day of creativity at Nottingham’s Rufford Abbey Activities Coordinator Charise Mullins said ‘This is something we can share with our residents and staff - art is second nature for some, but the artist award will help involve all. Nine art works in 90 minutes certainly gave ‘us’ something to take home from Rufford!’

Pictured below; Lorraine & Charise, Activities Coordinators & Helen Ackroyd - Rufford Craft Centre Event Manager



City Arts in conjunction with Nottingham County Council decided to explore creative approaches to enhancing the wellbeing of older people in residential care in Nottinghamshire, by appointing an Artist in Residence at a suitable Care Home – Alexandra House. An additional part of the project is to report and disseminate the development of this work across the County. The project is likely to commence in November when ‘the artist in residence’ takes up the position.


‘To have an artist work with us and our residents is of great significance for our Activities personnel, residents and families –to explore together how creative ideas can enhance the care environment will be a special experience. We will make the most of this by sharing it across our four Care Homes’. Sue Young – HR. Manager Eastgate Care


Drawing using foot;

Art at the Belle Vue Lodge Care Home.


 Art in CareTraining at Rufford Craft Centre.


Posted on 04 Oct 2012

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