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Garden Makeover at Alexandra House, Eastwood, with a little help from our friends, from Nottingham University

............ from the SB (Nottingham University) Allotment Society– March 2019. Our first three-intergenerational project.

A great team from Sutton Bonnington Allotment Society, lead by Joe;

Joe and the ‘ground force’ team implemented a great transformation of this sloping site, overgrown with ivy. Joe commented "This is the first phase of what is likely to be a three- phase project, we hope that this relationship with Alexandra House can be one that stands for a very long time."

Alexandra House has strong links with Brookhill Leys primary school where a group of children visit the home every week, so they too will be involved in the garden project. 

Our very own ground force team rose to the challenge of the slopes....


Manager, Caroline Carraher added "we have many green fingered residents who love being in the garden" making this a three- generation garden project, giving the residents and their families something to enjoy'


The next phase of the project is due to commence in the middle of May, said Activities Coordinator Matt "Our aim is to get the garden looking all lovely and colourful for our residents, ready for our summer fayre on 29th June."


Posted on 10 Apr 2019
Down Memory Lane Open Day, Park House, Bulwell, March 30th

Join us for our reminiscing event, & Mothers Day too, share  tea, cakes and live music;


Posted on 27 Mar 2019
Mary's 80th Party at Park House, Bulwell, with Thanks

Posted on 15 Mar 2019
Skip and Buster Top the Visitor List at Melbourne & Belle Vue

Super Skip and Bluffy Buster bring joy and affection to our residents, pet therapy visitors;

Care homes offering the best for engaging residents .... 

Skip, stimulating and comforting all at the same time, everyone loves to pet him at Melbourne House. 'it is amazing the changes inspired in our residents by Skips visit'

Skip up close, so docile and 'touchable'

Karen the owner has him  well trained and the residents respond to him, 'we love his visits' said coordinator Trayce at Melbourne House.

All the residents love him and even the quiet ones reach out to talk to him and stroke him.

Buster visits Belle Vue, he is quite a different character, fluffy and friendly too ...

Buster is well behaved & even allowed to visit the bedroom and bring comfort and warmth to this resident.

& very companionable too ...


Lots of other activities to engage residents, Irene here is very fond of crafting and Melbourne House are already preparing for Easter.....

Top for entertainment and activities, nerver a dull moment at Melbourne House

Easter Bunnies are all ready for April

A final slide of one of our favourite visitors ..........


Posted on 15 Mar 2019
Lady Chatterley entices Ladies that Lunch in Eastwood!

Activities Coordinator for Alexandra House, Matt, does dual Intergenerational activities by taking the girls out for lunch and then getting creative when the children from Brookhill Leys School came to visit;


Choosing what to have for lunch proved an exciting challenge for Winnie and Doris;

'We love it at Alex House but Its good to get out, once in a while.'

Mine's just a half, Glennis enjoyed it really....

The Lady Chatterley pub at Eastwood, did us proud and the ladies delighted in tucking-in, to their pub grub. Doris is obviously delighted, she does like participating.

Our very own intergenerational project has been going some time now and more and more individuals are benefiting.



It is win win for the young and elderly as they embark on the creative love monsters activity. Our residents have a sense of purpose after engaging with the children.

The children always learn something from their visit.

Creativity is often at the forefront of the activities, it is engaging and rewarding;

Mobility is often debilitating, so a little physical game helps all round and is a regular feature.

Time for a chat and interaction is really as important as all activities.


'Its the great team work we have at Alexandra House, which makes it a place called home for our residents.' Manager Caroline Carraher, pictured right.


Posted on 14 Feb 2019

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