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Great News at Canal Vue - 5 star rating

Great News at Canal Vue!  - 5 star ratings and Good in all aspects; ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

"Safe, well-led, effective, responsive, caring"

'It is a fantastic result, I am so pleased for all the staff who put the hard work in'' said owner Mr Day

Noticeably the report states: Staff were skilled in understanding the needs of people and engaged them in meaningful activities. Staff knew them well and understood how to care for them in a personalised way.



Posted on 10 Jan 2020
Bumper Autumn Activities - its like a holiday camp at Melbourne House Aspley!

Animal visits, Art interventions, Fudge & Therapy! The scope is enormous at Melbourne House;


Mark, his wife Katherine and daughter Katy. Archer (fabulous name) is Mark's guide dog. The residents had a blast with him ......

The staff enjoyed the visit and Archer was entranced with the fish.

A very successful morning, the family mingled with the residents and the whole morning was a lot of fun 🐕🐶

A very busy day ahead, requiring concentration and dedication to the task in hand. Our residents get to grips with things sufficiently to produce a finished item and have some fun on the way .......

Activities Co ordinator Trayce spends a lot of time prepping for the Rag Wreath making, so the residents can get the most out of the activity, which they did, producing some intricate wreaths.

Other activies last month included fudge making, rather than toffee, this was delicious so they tell me, it certainly looks it, i didnt get to try it!

Rag Wreaths, a finished item, after a days work, giving satisfaction for a job well done.

The tranquil 'blue room' for relaxing therapy - instead of, or after activities - told you it was good here!

The Melbourne House Management team, who ensure the delivery of services and an enjoyable and varied lifestyle at their home in Aspley;


Posted on 08 Nov 2019
Double Success - Carers & Co walk & bake for Charity at Canal Vue, Ilkeston

A lovely autumn day greets carers and residents as they set out for a charity walk along the Erewash Canal;


Setting off, from Canal Vue on a fine day ......

Great to have access to the Erewash Canal and path right by the home.

Good collecting effort from all the team, before during and after....

Many Thanks to everyone donating 

We are lucky to have such a super spot here at Canal Vue and staff who are able to make the most of it with our residents.

Good to stop for a welcome cuppa, both looking a little happier here!

The group of troopers enjoy a get together and refreshment.

Before or after? You tell me .........

A lovely photo, caring and sharing ...... thats what we do at Canal Vue.

More to come as the top team get baking for charity next .............

Posted on 07 Oct 2019
Courtney and Crew at Canal Vue - Walk for Dementia this week

The team are doing a great job raising funds and this week they will be walking for Dementia UK and our residents;

Support now please by going to the Just Giving page, click the link and every donation will be gratefully received.


Courtney 'We are supporting our residents and the dementia cause, please walk with us or just give...'

Posted on 13 Sep 2019
Thirst quenching Pub visit for Alexandra House Residents, at Eastwood, Notts

A very enjoyable outing to our local pub, as you will see......

And lots of forthcoming activities too......


Its always good to go out, especially for a fish and chip meal like this one.

A pint of beer is a real treat too....

Shall i shant I .......I think she did and it was good!

Always lots of activities going on to share and enjoy at 'Alex' We look forward to welcoming the children back soon......

Bingo is not to be scoffed at - great for identifying numbers, concentrating helping friends and some healthy competition too!

Activities Co-ordinator Matt always has lots planned for young and old. Whats coming up Matt? See the Alexander House Newsletter.

A mini makeover helps make better use of the precious outdoor space;

Posted on 06 Sep 2019

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