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Eastgate engAGE with iPad and City Arts Imagine Project

Technology and Dementia are two areas that dont usually go 'hand in hand', but we were able to get the full benefit of  top expertise on this matter. City Arts Nottingham put together a programme for utilising the iPad within a care home setting, to make a range of  creative activities available, as part of the Imagine Project. This project was established by City Arts following their successful funding win for 'Arts and older people in care'.

Certified Dementia friends, following a 2 day intensive workshop learning about; both dementia and how art applications on the iPad can make a whole range of creative tools available to care home residents.

Pictured expert Claire Ford with Eastgate Staff and City Arts Kate Duncan.

iPad engAGE was initially funded by the Arts Council of England, our staff were able to 'get involved' and learn from the findings when expert Claire Ford shared her extensive knowledge with us on a two day workshop.


Katie finds that her love of sewing can be applied using the quilting application on the iPad to create her own design of patterns.

'There are lots of options and lots of things you can do with this, it is truly amazing to be able to put together the technology and the elements of colour and design'

 Julie tries the pottery application to see how that compares to the mess created sometimes, using clay! You can create an unlimited amount of shapes and colour combinations with this.

Claire was able to inform us about the top 50 applications available and instruct us how to use her top 5. Specialist artists also helped to show us how these could be used with various scenarios and they will be working with us and our residents at Park House.


Further involvement by City Arts has meant that local artists can 'get together' with Care Home providers to share their skills and enable us, at Park House initially, to make a range of creative programmes available to our residents.



Posted on 22 Sep 2014
Ice Bucket Finale

To complete our Charity Walk we had an adventurous Care Home Manager who hosted the lunch for the walkers &.......................................... volunteered for the Great Ice Bucket Challenge.

Well done Marie Martin our acting manager at Canal Vue;

 How could you Phil?

 Ooh that is so cold - shocking!

Phil looking pleased with himself, but he did collect some funds for Maggie's  on the walk, from taxi company, to bike shop, he shook his tin.

 Back to normal, as our hostesses, Marie Duke Parker - Care Home Manager at Alexandra House welcomes the walkers 'back home' & Marie Martin recovers following her soaking.


Well done to you all for your good collecting, walking and soaking.

Posted on 11 Sep 2014
5 Care Home Charity Walk - Eastgate For Maggie's Nottingham

5 walk for 5 hours and visit 5 care homes for Charity;The 5 walking team did well on a 'sticky' autumn Saturday with their 16 mile journey across Nottingham and out to Ilkeston. They were supported by tea and cakes at the Care Homes and a few walkers joined them along the way to break up the 5 hour walk. See the pictures of their journey below;

If you are able to help us achieve our fundraising target then please do at;





The walkers Lisa Crewe - Care Home Manager Belle Vue Lodge, Clare McNuff - Clinical Lead Belle Vue Lodge, Jaie Richmond - Senior Carer Belle Vue Lodge, and Phil Keay - Payroll Manager, were led by Sue Clifford - Operations Manager,

setting out from the Belle Vue Lodge, Mapperley at 9 am.


Sue spurring them all on as they arrive at their first staging post, Park House for refreshments. 


A well earned rest in the garden, other walkers join in and onward to Melbourne House before the long stretch from Aspley to Canal Vue at Ilkeston.


Phew, they made it to Canal Vue 


Not sure if these feet will ever be the same again says Jaie and 8 days of work to follow!


Time to go, says Lisa and her timer - she did set a striking pace!

Ready for the Final leg uphill to Alexandra House at Eastwood



Home at last.......back to Alexandra House for well deserved drinks

We are collecting our final sponsor money this week and will post when we have a total sum to donate to Maggies Nottingham. If you are able to help us achieve our fundraising target then please do at;


We believe Maggie's Nottingham offers a  unique support service for people 'touched' by cancer. We work in 'care', we know how much practical and emotional support matters to individuals and we are giving to this charity by completing the 5 Care Home Charity Walk across our Midlands Homes.

Posted on 10 Sep 2014
Walk for Maggie's Finale with Ice Bucket at Canal Vue

Our New Acting Manager at Canal Vue - Marie Martin - has decided to 'make her mark' and very bravely volunteered to give our 5 Care Home Charity Walk a grand finale by sitting for the 'Ice Bucket Challenge.




The 5 Care Home Walk for Maggie's Nottingham takes place on Saturday September 6th and covers almost 20 miles of Nottingham terrain, starting from Belle Vue at Mapperley across  to Aspley, Bulwell, out to Eastwood, then finishing at our newest home Canal Vue at Ilkeston.


Some staff are completing the whole journey, with Operations Manager Sue Clifford leading the walk, with support from Care Home Managers(pictured above) others are joining in along the way, with relatives family and friends too.


Marie, an experienced Eastgate employee, is fulfilling the role as Acting Manager at Canal Vue, assisted by Clinical lead Chris Vickers. 



Maggie’s Centres are warm and welcoming places built alongside NHS hospitals that provide the emotional, practical and social support that people with cancer and their family and friends need. www.maggiescentres.org



Our fifth Care Home and final destination of the Charity Walk for Maggies.

All are welcome to join us at any stage of the walk, or for a cup of tea at one of the Eastgate Care Homes on the 6th of September.

Posted on 29 Aug 2014
Heady Days of Summer at Alexandra House Fayre

Home Manager Marie Duke Parker and her team welcomed everyone to this great summer event, enjoyed by our residents, family and friends; The gathering, with Entertainment, Cakes, Tarot & Tombola, proved as popular as ever - oh those heady days of summer!

Pictured from the event;

Special colourful guests, Reggie and Gemma.


The ever popular Tombola; Senior Manager Sally Barry helps Claude to see if he is a winner.

 Joan and Joan enjoying their scones outdoors and the great occasion with lots of visitors and activities.

Brenda looking the very proud Great Great Grandmother of these twins, in blissful unawareness - but what a delightful photo this is!

Posted on 20 Aug 2014
Sizzling Summer Fayre - First for Canal Vue

Crowds gathered for the first Canal Vue Summer Fayre, and the large car park provided a great space for a range of stalls, fire crew & engine, fashion show and dancing.




Staff & family parade in the lively fashion show in their 1920's-80's gear and once again the car park made a great cat walk area to strut their stuff for the fashion show.

Carol & Kirsty Senior Care Assistants with young Ella-Rose.

Eastgate's Marie Martin is busy dressing up, or 'cookin' up'? - in the background, left.

Activities Coordinator, Daniel and his fashion troupe in their line-up



The good weather ensured that lots of ice cream was eaten and visitors were able to feast on BBQ food and a range of other snacks.

Plenty of buying opportunities and dancing from Lauries School of Dance, kept everyone entertained.

Residents, family and friends enjoyed all the activity and it made a very busy day out at this lovely canal-side location.


Thanks to families and staff who gave generously, to make this a splendid occasion.

Our local community got involved, the local Robins gave the loan of their car park and the money raised goes towards the residents special funds.




Posted on 19 Aug 2014
New Management Position to Drive Performance

We are pleased to welcome Sharon Green to Eastgate's Management team; as Compliance Manager, based at the White Swan, Old Basford;




Sharon has a wealth of experience within adult social care, commencing with her social work degree at Derby University and backed by managing various areas of care across Local Authorities, private and voluntary sectors within health and social care. Her experience of integrated working in multi-disciplinary team settings culminated in 6 years as head of safeguarding and adult assessment.

It is the vision across different health departments that we welcome to the care home environment, where involvement with the diverse range of other service providers, is a daily occurrence.

In a supportive role for the Care Home Managers, Sharon will be found 'out and about' across the five midlands care homes giving directional assistance and providing a framework in which the staff can consistently offer a high quality of care, given the changing assessment criteria.



Sharon’s objectives in her role at Eastgate are;

To develop the staff understanding of the compliance aims and directives from the regulatory bodies involved with the provision of care.

To work towards being part of a highly functioning knowledgeable and skilled workforce, delivering a service to people that is valued across our communities.

This will mean primarily supporting the Managers to implement all necessary requirements, give guidance and utilise her understanding of operational procedures.

Sharon’s outside interests are many and in addition to crafts, sewing and gardening she likes to constantly improve her own knowledge.


The restored White Swan at Old Basford provides head office administrative services and a Training Centre for the team of staff,

Posted on 10 Jul 2014
Can You Feel The Force? At Melbourne House

 A Great tea party was held in honour of our local and National Forces day and something which everyone could enjoy;


Open Day 20th June 2014

 Staff rallied together to put the bunting out and make a special day of it. We also celebrated National Care Home and had a great tea party together.



Our favourite singers came along in their 'war time scrubs' and regaled us all with their  songs of yesteryear, pictured saluting and dancing, cheering us all with their antics.

 Pictured our 3 lady residents, Betty, Doris and Jessie, enjoying the sunshine & entertainment.  


Resident Ted Bowles enjoys sharing a story or to with Navy Warrant Officer Sean Jones, proudly displaying his medals.  


It was fabulous for our residents to get out in the garden on this lovely summers day and share it with their family friends and staff. Irene and Madeline watch the action from a shady spot.

&.........'Hanging out the washing.............'


Eastgate's Handyman - Frank & family join in the days activities, with entertainment and a super buffet, plenty for all to enjoy.





Posted on 05 Jul 2014
Carer Kelly Arranges Bill's Day Out for Maud's Birthday

 What a special thing for a carer to do for Maud's 90th Birthday - Kelly Beeton was able to raise money, get a present from all the staff at the Belle Vue and organise this lovely day out, which meant so much to Maud and 'Bill' and their close friends.


Going home for the day;

Bill celebrates his wife's 90th Birthday with the rest of his family, he went with the assistance of a carer Kelly and was armed with flowers, chocolates, champagne and cards for his wife . 

William Ludlow (Bill as we call him) has been at the Belle Vue Lodge since August 2011, his wife Maud visits the home regularly and has struck up a nice friendship with Kelly.




Pictured Right Maud and Bill, with special carer and friend Kelly. They all had a wonderful day together.



Maud remembers her Bill as a lovely caring and attentive husband - A true gentleman. 

They have had a very happy life together

An emotional day out as family and friends recall bygone times and enjoy Williams visit back home.


Posted on 23 Jun 2014
Activities Abound at Canal Vue

The central lounge at Canal Vue proves to be a great activities area for the residents as you will see;


Inspiration from Care Home Assistant Marie Martin provided the impetus for the residents to get painting - plant pots, which isn't easy.  Arthur and Mary (pictured right)  really enjoyed it, creating brightly coloured pots, this proved to be a great success. 


Most of the residents loved it, it did get a bit messy and we had to put aprons on! They all had a good go, even if it was hard for some of them.  I think Mary, Arthur & ~Beryl like it the most!  said Activities Coordinator Daniel


Painted Pots pictured below with the Erewash Canal backdrop.



Games are a great activity too and are really good for the thought process, especially dominos. As you can see from those pictured on the right, they are really concentrating.

There are about 6 who really like dominos, so we have a few games most days and they also like sitting round a table and rolling the football to and from each other, which is surprisingly good for the coordination.

Daniel who is both co-ordinator and carer studied sports development.

 Plenty of quiet relaxing areas are available for those who would just like to sit and watch the Canal go by, such as the comfortable garden lounge with the lovely gold chairs.    

Posted on 13 Jun 2014

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