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Moving On - Sue Clifford


Following five successful years as Operations Manager for Eastgate Care, Sue Clifford is retiring from her position, to pursue other avenues.


Posted on 11 Dec 2014
Girls night out - Girls night in - Bulwell and Aspley

Park House residents enjoy going out in Bulwell to see the lights & our residents at Melbourne House Aspley like to stay in and enjoy the warmth;


Residents - Bertha Lockyer and Mary Ball with Park House Staff, Carer Nicola and Shirley (Kitchen)  all 'togged up' for their big night out, to see the 'lighting up' in Bulwell town.


Poppies inspire our Melbourne artists to enjoy the warmth of their care home and 'create' while those hardy Bulwell folk wrap up and 'brave the elements' for the lights.


We all like to hear some live music and especially a band playing carols, helps to get in the Christmas spirit.


Concentrating on colouring gives a real focus, as shown here by our lady resident in the pink!


Gathering round the laden tree our ladies pose before returning back to a their warm welcoming home and maybe a cup of Horlicks?

 We can see how satisfying this art activity was by the lovely smile on our ladies face as she enjoys her creativity, in by the hearth.


Well done to all the carers and relatives for making a big effort to get residents to this festive evening;

Posted on 03 Dec 2014
Carers Corner at Park House - A warming story

A warming story, as carer Brenda helps residents in the new Park House wing to make their own 'fire' ;

 All a part of the carers role as carer Brenda gets 'stuck in' literally! Helping residents Dagmar (in the background putting on gloves) and Margaret with their fireplace project.


Listening and learning is as much a part of the carers' role as personal hygiene.

Our carers provide the foundation for daily life at all the care homes. They care for your nearest and dearest.

Carers Maria and Paula make a positive difference to our residents' lives.


Making tiles for the surround - both these residents enjoy interaction with their carers and Brenda obviously has an eye for activities!

The finished fireplace, giving a warm glow to the residents lounge.

More Carers Corner 'tales' from the Eastgate Newsletter;

We asked some of our experienced Park House carers to share their thoughts with us;

Maria Rovetto (4 years as a carer) says: 'The reason I enjoy caring for the residents is because I learn a lot about the residents and the past. I enjoy talking with them and listening to their stories about how their life used to be back in their day, we talk a lot between us'


Paula Butler enjoys her role as Senior Carer partly because of the different needs of the residents, which has changed during her 16 years at Park House. Paula says,

 Care is more varied and challenging today, but that makes it interesting and every day is different.  I work with a great team and I am still learning something new and that is very rewarding.



Posted on 01 Dec 2014
Craft Stalls - A Big Sell Out at Canal Vue

The recent Christmas Craft Fayre, with a variety of stalls, was a huge success for the home with lots of gift ideas for those visiting, mulled wine and mince pies went down well too!

Everyone joined in and Activity Coordinator Daniel enlisted residents Joyce and Sylvia to help with the stalls, they really enjoyed being a part of the action.

Violet sitting comfortably enjoying the 'fare'

 Its great having the stall holders visit, so our residents get the opportunity to browse in the comfort of their home.

Jean likes to look at the Jewellery with the help of Carer Claire.



The tombola was ever popular and contributed to the fund raising.

Cards and Candles for sale added to the purchasing options. Below resident Phillip is joined by his wife.

Lots of funds for the residents accrued from this successful activity and they got to shop too! Thanks to all staff and stall holders for supporting this event

Alison and her card stall above.


Christmas activities continue at Canal Vue, with the ongoing cake raffle and the much awaited Pantomime.

Posted on 26 Nov 2014
Canal Vue Get Wicked at Halloween

Its a happening time of year and their is lots on the calendar for our residents and relatives. Activities are key for us at Canal Vue said home manager Marie Martin and there’s lots more planned;

Residents revelled in the spooky event  and especially enjoyed the themed food—pumpkin pies and ghostly cakes were ever popular. Further enjoyment was gleaned from the staff  ‘dressing up’ and it was rumoured that Count Dracula even paid a visit!  


Pumpkin carving ensured we had a creative day too. 


Christmas craft stall event  Sunday 23rd November, open to the public 2.30 to 4.30pm.,

Puss in Boots Panto, on 17th December and a Christmas Party  too.




Posted on 21 Oct 2014
Great Accolade for Belle Vue Lodge Team


Posted on 09 Oct 2014
Eastgate engAGE with iPad and City Arts Imagine Project

Technology and Dementia are two areas that dont usually go 'hand in hand', but we were able to get the full benefit of  top expertise on this matter. City Arts Nottingham put together a programme for utilising the iPad within a care home setting, to make a range of  creative activities available, as part of the Imagine Project. This project was established by City Arts following their successful funding win for 'Arts and older people in care'.

Certified Dementia friends, following a 2 day intensive workshop learning about; both dementia and how art applications on the iPad can make a whole range of creative tools available to care home residents.

Pictured expert Claire Ford with Eastgate Staff and City Arts Kate Duncan.

iPad engAGE was initially funded by the Arts Council of England, our staff were able to 'get involved' and learn from the findings when expert Claire Ford shared her extensive knowledge with us on a two day workshop.


Katie finds that her love of sewing can be applied using the quilting application on the iPad to create her own design of patterns.

'There are lots of options and lots of things you can do with this, it is truly amazing to be able to put together the technology and the elements of colour and design'

 Julie tries the pottery application to see how that compares to the mess created sometimes, using clay! You can create an unlimited amount of shapes and colour combinations with this.

Claire was able to inform us about the top 50 applications available and instruct us how to use her top 5. Specialist artists also helped to show us how these could be used with various scenarios and they will be working with us and our residents at Park House.


Further involvement by City Arts has meant that local artists can 'get together' with Care Home providers to share their skills and enable us, at Park House initially, to make a range of creative programmes available to our residents.



Posted on 22 Sep 2014
Ice Bucket Finale

To complete our Charity Walk we had an adventurous Care Home Manager who hosted the lunch for the walkers &.......................................... volunteered for the Great Ice Bucket Challenge.

Well done Marie Martin our acting manager at Canal Vue;

 How could you Phil?

 Ooh that is so cold - shocking!

Phil looking pleased with himself, but he did collect some funds for Maggie's  on the walk, from taxi company, to bike shop, he shook his tin.

 Back to normal, as our hostesses, Marie Duke Parker - Care Home Manager at Alexandra House welcomes the walkers 'back home' & Marie Martin recovers following her soaking.


Well done to you all for your good collecting, walking and soaking.

Posted on 11 Sep 2014
5 Care Home Charity Walk - Eastgate For Maggie's Nottingham

5 walk for 5 hours and visit 5 care homes for Charity;The 5 walking team did well on a 'sticky' autumn Saturday with their 16 mile journey across Nottingham and out to Ilkeston. They were supported by tea and cakes at the Care Homes and a few walkers joined them along the way to break up the 5 hour walk. See the pictures of their journey below;

If you are able to help us achieve our fundraising target then please do at;





The walkers Lisa Crewe - Care Home Manager Belle Vue Lodge, Clare McNuff - Clinical Lead Belle Vue Lodge, Jaie Richmond - Senior Carer Belle Vue Lodge, and Phil Keay - Payroll Manager, were led by Sue Clifford - Operations Manager,

setting out from the Belle Vue Lodge, Mapperley at 9 am.


Sue spurring them all on as they arrive at their first staging post, Park House for refreshments. 


A well earned rest in the garden, other walkers join in and onward to Melbourne House before the long stretch from Aspley to Canal Vue at Ilkeston.


Phew, they made it to Canal Vue 


Not sure if these feet will ever be the same again says Jaie and 8 days of work to follow!


Time to go, says Lisa and her timer - she did set a striking pace!

Ready for the Final leg uphill to Alexandra House at Eastwood



Home at last.......back to Alexandra House for well deserved drinks

We are collecting our final sponsor money this week and will post when we have a total sum to donate to Maggies Nottingham. If you are able to help us achieve our fundraising target then please do at;


We believe Maggie's Nottingham offers a  unique support service for people 'touched' by cancer. We work in 'care', we know how much practical and emotional support matters to individuals and we are giving to this charity by completing the 5 Care Home Charity Walk across our Midlands Homes.

Posted on 10 Sep 2014
Walk for Maggie's Finale with Ice Bucket at Canal Vue

Our New Acting Manager at Canal Vue - Marie Martin - has decided to 'make her mark' and very bravely volunteered to give our 5 Care Home Charity Walk a grand finale by sitting for the 'Ice Bucket Challenge.




The 5 Care Home Walk for Maggie's Nottingham takes place on Saturday September 6th and covers almost 20 miles of Nottingham terrain, starting from Belle Vue at Mapperley across  to Aspley, Bulwell, out to Eastwood, then finishing at our newest home Canal Vue at Ilkeston.


Some staff are completing the whole journey, with Operations Manager Sue Clifford leading the walk, with support from Care Home Managers(pictured above) others are joining in along the way, with relatives family and friends too.


Marie, an experienced Eastgate employee, is fulfilling the role as Acting Manager at Canal Vue, assisted by Clinical lead Chris Vickers. 



Maggie’s Centres are warm and welcoming places built alongside NHS hospitals that provide the emotional, practical and social support that people with cancer and their family and friends need. www.maggiescentres.org



Our fifth Care Home and final destination of the Charity Walk for Maggies.

All are welcome to join us at any stage of the walk, or for a cup of tea at one of the Eastgate Care Homes on the 6th of September.

Posted on 29 Aug 2014

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