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Award Ceremony for Park House 'Stars'

Gold Standard For Care Homes Accreditation


Our pioneers and team leaders, Kate Fox and Michelle Whiley, (pictured right) recently headed to the London Ceremony to gain the Gold Standard Award.


Justly deserved following 18 months of managing the Gold Standard Project at Park House Care Home, they joined an elite group to gain this accreditation.


To be accredited, the home had to show that it met the criteria in 20 different areas, ranging from leadership and support to dignity and respect, as well as submit a portfolio of evidence.

This accreditation process is endorsed by all major care homes’ organisations and supported by Age UK.  It is also now recognized as excellent by the Skills Academy for Social Care.


Congratulations go to all the team (Pictured below)  who pride themselves on the excellent care provided to residents.


- They provide the right care, at the right time in the right place  -




As one of the first Nursing Care Homes in Nottingham to receive this, Park House home gained their accreditation, as part of the Gold Standards Framework (GSF) in Care Homes Quality Hallmark Awards.




Posted on 11 Mar 2013
Creativity in Care Gets us in Caring News


Our artistic endeavours have been acknowledged and featured in the National Press as part of Nottinghamshire County Council Pilot project. We are fortunate in Nottinghamshire that our Council recognise the benefits that Art has to offer in Supporting the Health & Social Care of Older People.

'Art and creativity has an extremely important part to play as older people's services respond to increasing pressure to find alternative ways to manage dementia'


We had a great response at our Alexandra Care Home as artist in residence Becky (pictured below) engaged our residents with her special artistic skills;


Posted on 04 Mar 2013
Full House in February at Belle Vue Lodge



 Staff at the Belle Vue Lodge Care Home celebrate their success on welcoming their 55th resident to be cared for.

Occupancy has been running high over the last few months at the Belle Vue, with the 55th resident joining our home last week making it a Full House by Friday.

 Pictured right Assitstan Manager Clare Mc Nuff & Manager Lisa Crewe, join in the cheers.


Well done to all the team for their regular hard work & commitment to making a pleasant environment for residents to live in.






Posted on 27 Feb 2013
Activities Galore at Melbourne House!

Pauline & the Pancakes & other popular activities;



 Assistant Manager Pauline Zadwirny entertains the residents at Melbourne House on Pancake day. She seems to be in her element with the batter & bowl and the residents always love a cooking activity, as well as enjoying the outcome.

Resident Patricia Wilkinson relishes the day and is enjoying her second pancake day at Melbourne House, having lived with us for over a year now.

There's always lots of activities scheduled at Melbourne House.

Pictured above; Lord Mayor Leon calls in to the AspleyTea dance, creating a little more razzamataz



T - dancing, Tea lights & Speciality Dining have recently been enjoyed by our residents.

They do  have quite a social life, if they want!


 Pictured below Madeline helps Charise with the T lights for a ceremony as Irene looks on.



Posted on 18 Feb 2013
No Nonsense as Eastgate-care gains Plob Listed Status


Join the 'cutting edge' with us & Plob https://plob.co.uk/


'Plob is called the No Nonsense Homepage as there are no adverts, no popups, nothing irritating like that at all.


It doesn't track you, or ever ask you if you have 5 minutes to fill in a survey!


It just takes you where you want to go, with one click'


Accessible links & searches range from News to Nottingham, Entertainment to Eastgate, everything is covered. We have joined lots of other Nottinghamshire services & companies and we are easily found by inputing Eastgate or Nottingham Nursing home.



Posted on 15 Feb 2013
Gold Standard Achievment at Park House

Great results obtained as Park House is awarded the Gold Standard for Care Homes.(GSFCH).......

Congratulations go to Kate Fox who initiated and lead this project and Care Home Manager Jacqui Inglis & all the team at Park House. What a great start for 2013.



Pictured left determined team leader Kate Fox who has pursued the Gold Standard all the way to completion of this Quality Hallmark Award.

It has taken foresight and commitment to go forward with this, documenting, communicating and monitoring change have been key and Kate has taken this on board from start to its accreditation today.

The GSFCH is a step towards better care for those nearing the end of life, it is about recognising the needs of residents and having procedures in place to effect good care.



This programme covers a whole range of Care aspects and is so thorough that no element of care is neglected Staff undergo training for competency based assessment and managers are able to develop training needs from this.

Communication and Continuity are intrinsic within the GSFCH so that any necessary changes in care are made visible to all involved;  Carer, Manager, GP, relative, resident.

Eastgate Care recognised the investment needed to go forward with the gold standard, develop further skills and strategies in its areas of expertise and are fortunate to have the right people leading and within the team at Park House to implement this.  Eastgate had the benefit of an experienced End of Life Facilitator from the local health authority, to offer support throughout the process.


 Care Home Manager - Jacqui Inglis, fully supportive of the Gold Standard throughout the project and as part of the Park House daily procedures.




"I know the time and effort that the staff at Park House have put into gaining this accreditation, in particular Kate Fox and Michele Whiley, two of our registered nurses. We are very proud of the home and the excellent care they provide for people coming to the end of their life"


 - Operations Manager Sue Clifford


Posted on 17 Jan 2013
The Right Crewe at the Belle Vue

Belle Vue Lodge Care Home Mapperley  has had a fantastic result from their recent CQC inspection, meeting all the criteria examined.




A whole range of checks take place, ranging from  the safety and wellbeing of the residents

 to the staff we employ.  

This is a very rigorous procedure which occurs during the busy working day of a Care Home.


Care Home Manager - Lisa Crewe



We congratulate all the staff involved - and it is literally all the staff -

for their superb efforts in achieving a good evaluation,

-showing that we have the Right Crewe at work-



Assistant Manager - Clare McNuff





Posted on 07 Jan 2013
Full House Celebrations at Melbourne House

100% occupancy - Is always the best benchmark of  a well run home

- and a reflection of good caring staff.



Congratulations go to Melbourne House  Care Home Manager - Louise Rimmer, Assistant Manager - Pauline Zadwirny and all the team for achieving a great result and a  'Full House'


Melbourne House,

Aspley Lane, Aspley,

Nottm, NG8 5RU

Tel—01159 294787

Preparations for Christmas get underway for all the residents

 at Melbourne House




Posted on 10 Dec 2012
How do we engage our residents? Take a look......

Eastgate Care recently entered the national Big Draw event - the world’s biggest celebration of drawing - organisers across the world join and run creative activities to engage their communities. 

We (Eastgate Care)  believed that it was something all our Homes - residents and Activity Co-ordinators could participate in and ‘enjoy’ We invite you to see what we achieved by taking a look at our Melbourne House activity, entitled - The Twisted Lines of Life - watch and you will see why;

Click on the link and wait a few seconds or alternatively cut and paste the link into your browser -

The Twisted Lines of life at; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-f4PXvzSbjo


Posted on 06 Nov 2012
Get Airborne at Melbournes Big Draw

Eastgate Care entered the Big Draw during October with our grand finale at Melbourne House

Charise Activity Coordinator organising the event, decided to give their Big Draw a real lift and launch the sculptures made by residents, friends, family, staff and service visitors;


Charise-Activity Coordinator, pictured (looking a bit like a Mary Poppins!) is excited to be launching the sculptures which they have all made at Melbourne House. Friends & family came to join in too!

Our local City Councillor - Councillor Jenkins came along to support our event, it was great to have him involved in 'the action'



This was a national art activity throughout October, that all our Homes and Activity Co-ordinators participated in – using cost effective telephone wire which is light and easy to use to mould into individual sculptures. 'Following a great days training we felt this idea could work for us and be less intimidating for a lot of people who dont like drawing' Charise then came up with this great idea to provide more of an event and launch by balloon. Pictured Care Worker Amary trying her hand.

 Madaline (who celebrated a BIG birthday earlier this year) and her daughter get wiring, quite a fiddly job, but they both managed to create something!

 The challenge is to get the most participants for a Care Home setting, so we are now counting up.

We had help from Nottingham Confetti with filming this event and would like to say thank you to them for their very responsive reaction getting photographer Mikey along, he made a fantastic effort and contributed really well to the activity.



Sculpture ready for launch.




Charise smiles with relief to 'see off' the Big Draw!

 Mikey prepares for filming.




Posted on 30 Oct 2012

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