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Belle Vue Planting and Punch

 A range of activities provide stimulation, rounding up with cocktails - some were as 'pleased as punch'

Hurrah for a bit of action, chair zumba or marracas, it does you good..... Some prefer a quiet bit of planting.......
.................after a busy day at Belle Vue a little fruit punch is welcome. Its all down to teamwork which makes for a happy home and contented residents.

We look forward to some warmer weather to get out into the Belle Vue Garden, a great space for activities.

Posted on 28 Mar 2017
Girls go Green for St Pats Day

Irish Eyes were smiling as Mary sings some good old Irish songs for the residents at Alexandra House.

Ethel and her sister dressed up in the traditional Green colour for us and had pictures taken with Nora and Doris.

Mary pictured with George in his special Irish tie.

We do like a good cup of tea in a china cup, after all that entertainment.

Fresh cream cakes go down well too, as George gives the thumbs up - it was a lovely afternoon

Good times at Alex House, a place called home to a big family of residents!

Posted on 28 Mar 2017
A Day in the Life of Care Home - Park House

Often staff behind the scenes do not get the acknowledgements that they deserve, but a recent review raised some very positive points for the hard working team at Park House;

Relative Jackie showed her appreciation recently of the staff and facilities at Park House.

I thought this would be a difficult time for both of us, but he settled in straight away. We have had no problems, he is happy when I visit. He is always well-dressed and smart, I find the staff helpful and caring.
Activities are provided through the week and there is a regular hairdresser on site. 

My father moved to Park House in August 2016.

Having finished cleaning and tidying the dining room at Park House, Domestic Assistant - Christine (below) has time to engage with the residents en route to her next area..........

Unsung heroes of the work place, our domestic assistants provide the operational 'backbone' for the smooth running of the homes. All these tasks are really important to our residents and the staff have to have an understanding of residents needs. Pictured below Rosanna, happy at work, in the laundry.

Its a busy day at the home when the hairdressers come to call. Kerry and Carol like their 'salon' here at Park House. 'It makes the residents feel good to get their hair done - ladies and gents too and it is rewarding to make people feel good in this way' said Kelly.

Theres always plenty of activities and this one was particularly stimulating, testing the geographical memory - at this instant.....Name countries beginning with R ...........Despite it being a lovely spring day there was a bitter wind so our residents mostly were happy with the snug and activities indoors.

Nurse Ida takes a moment after lunch to write- up the important care plans.....

I did see one resident wrapped in a blanket enjoying the newly sprung daffodils, in a sheltered spot.

While the gardeners get the outdoors ready for some warmer spring sunshine, planters to be filled, leaves to be raked etc.

These outdoor areas are well used by our residents and they really appreciate the planting and sensory elements provided. In addition a lot of outside activities are scheduled by coordinator Karen, the staff like to get outdoors too.

Grasses provide colour, light and texture even during the winter months.

Cook Anne is appreciated for her baking skills.


Posted on 22 Mar 2017
Top Achiever in Care & Support - 100% for Steph

We are proud to announce the achievements of Stephanie Johnson - Care and Support Co-ordinator across the five Eastgate Care Homes & send Steph a big - WELL DONE - for all her hard work over the last couple of weeks. 

Not only has she passed the teacher training course, but she has also qualified to deliver First Aid training to all our homes.

The whole programme involved a very complex training course, culminating in sitting over 5 exams.  This very comprehensive programme covered learning styles, anatomy & physiology and motivation. Passing all exams, with flying colours, means that Steph has her Level 3 award in teaching and assessing First Aid.

All 5 days of the training involved a lot of theory work, with a final theory lesson on Asthma and a Practical lesson on Regurgitation/Hygiene. I enjoyed the practical sessions on the course, this format was very productive for my learning.  I had done a lot of preparation and actually enjoyed the exams, as I was excited to demonstrate my knowledge. Over the week of the course I began to develop confidence in training sessions and on the last day - SUCCESS - I passed the final course with 100% !

Pictured, Steph - hands-on, with colleagues at Melbourne House, where she was Head of Resident Care in 2015.

I feel that going on this course was a stepping stone onto a brilliant future for training within Eastgate Care.’

Steph said 'Eastgate is a positive learning and development source, with senior staff acting as mentors and plenty of opportunities to develop skills and progress. My interest in the broad picture of an individual’s care sits well with the Eastgate philosophy of person centred care.’

I gained a lot of knowledge on training, which ultimately will drive my knowledge forward to provide good informative training sessions for the staff team which will lead the way for Eastgates future Training and Development. 


Posted on 17 Mar 2017
Amy Woo's Us All at Alexandra House

The lovely Amy, with a voice to match entertains and charms the residents at Alexandra House;

She even gets them dancing too .....

A sweet voice, bright dress and super personality make for a great afternoons entertainment for our residents.

Eric looks very relaxed and enjoys the music as Amy sings some of his favourite songs; Somewhere Over the Rainbow and Meet Me in St Louis, We'll Meet Again and many more .....

Mavis confides to Amy what her favourite 'tunes' are .....

........and George is thrilled to have a dance

Sheila and husband Geoffrey relax with a cuppa and a chat with Amy, she had time to speak to every one of the residents.

Well done to Coordinator Debra for organising this special event which everyone thoroughly and enjoyed.

Thanks also to Amy for sharing her lovely voice and stories with all our residents, we hope she will visit us again soon. 

Alexandra House, a happy home to our residents with great entertainment too ...............

Posted on 10 Mar 2017
Pamper, Polish and Party - all at Belle Vue

What a wonderful combination of activities, Co-ordinator Roxie put together for the residents at Belle Vue.....

Getting stuck in straight away with a mud pack, residents actively participate in their very own pamper day  (excuse the pun)

Pretty in Pink - Pats Nails get the treatment too.


.......Somebodys got to peel the spuds - ready for the next event, its good everyone can get involved ...............

A smorgasbord of delights as Sylvia gets to taste  the delicacies of polish food.

Fruit is also on the menu and what a marvellous selection at the exotic fruit tasting afternoon.

Nibbles and a pint also go down well with this gent.

Guys 80th Birthday party was held in the Belle Vue atrium with all  friends from his floor and inevitably cake was on the menu - a great social space for dining, activities and parties.

Afternoon tea looks good too ...........

In the line of duty, Roxie was able to organise a couples  'get together' for Cyril to have a dinner date with his wife, who resides at a different home. 


Roll on the spring when we can make the most of the outdoors and party in the garden.... 

....who wouldnt want to live here......?




Posted on 24 Feb 2017
Musicality Reaches the Right Note at Alexandra House

The pleasure of music, once again, flows throughout Alexandra House in two different strands, rounded off with a Valentines tea;

Nora who will be 99 next month  came to stay with us, as a permanent resident last month and she was very anxious at first and said she would miss her piano so much. We asked if she would like to share the piano with us, so we arranged collection and it is now in place in the lounge where she spends most of her day. The other residents enjoy some live music too and Norah plays to a high standard, by ear. It is extra special when church visitors come and all can sing along

The lovely children from Brooklea Hills School came along to sing for us. Singing songs with their very big voices! Pictured with Sheila

Jane their teacher said they loved every minute of it and are looking forward to visiting us again soon. We think Sheila enjoyed it too!

Its good to round off the music with some Valentines tea, the ladies look lovely in their bright colours. Just to show that the gents can enjoy Valentines tea too! those lovely eclairs help. Nancy said 'it reminded her of being in Bettys tea rooms in Harrogate'

Alexnandra House a great place to call home ...... 

Another tea is planned for next month, china cups at the ready…… 

Posted on 17 Feb 2017
Creativity for the Chinese New Year

Preparation for the Chinese New Year gets underway with Creative Co-ordinator Debra at Alexandra House, Eastwood;

Debra introduces the Chinese language to the residents to make a New Years sign at Alexandra House June and Mavis get organised  to create the dragon....

.............looking pleased with their creation.

More Chinese Cookie tales to follow.

Creativity is key to keeping the mind active and our residents love taking part (most of them!)


Below, Carer Denise has time for a chat after all that creativity.


Posted on 26 Jan 2017
Residents Make Puppet Theatre at Park House

This was a great engaging activity in partnership with Nottinghams City Arts Imagine project, when an exciting new piece of theatre was created inconjunction with our residents;

Residents get introduced to the puppet and find it highly amusing and interactive. Helped along with music, the workshops proved to be fun and uplifting too.........

Interacting with writer Mathew Pegg, who is clearly enjoying himself too. Ladies choose their props ready for their own production


 ...........concentrating to get it right. The old overhead projector still has its uses. Satisfaction as residents were able to create something of their own .....There were some very special moments with individual residents and we thank the creative team for their dedication and artistic skills.


All happening at Park House, Bulwell ...............

Posted on 16 Jan 2017
Party Goers Galore at Canal Vue

They really know how to throw a party at Canal Vue, these photos are testament to a fun time had by residents, visitors and the staff who made it happen:

Residents, Lorna and Winnie, enjoy some fortification before the entertainment begins.


A large group, residents, relatives, friends and staff, gather round with expectation of the forthcoming entertainment -

'Its a great activity space in which to throw a party here at Canal Vue'

Bring on Adam the entertainer, to get the party started.

Carer, David assists Winnie in the dancing. Carer Kayleigh, with resident Brian enjoying the spectacle. Its all a blur, as co-ordinator Abbie gets Pat Stevens dancing.

Well done to Recreation Leader Andrew Good (pictured below with resident Anthony Wilkinson) and Abbie Shorter for arranging such a great party. Thanks to all visitors and staff for their participation and entertainer Adam.


Posted on 05 Jan 2017

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