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Thirst quenching Pub visit for Alexandra House Residents, at Eastwood, Notts

A very enjoyable outing to our local pub, as you will see......

And lots of forthcoming activities too......


Its always good to go out, especially for a fish and chip meal like this one.

A pint of beer is a real treat too....

Shall i shant I .......I think she did and it was good!

Always lots of activities going on to share and enjoy at 'Alex' We look forward to welcoming the children back soon......

Bingo is not to be scoffed at - great for identifying numbers, concentrating helping friends and some healthy competition too!

Activities Co-ordinator Matt always has lots planned for young and old. Whats coming up Matt? See the Alexander House Newsletter.

A mini makeover helps make better use of the precious outdoor space;

Posted on 06 Sep 2019 by julie