Eastgate - Quality, private nursing care homes in the Nottingham area

Local nursing and dementia care for the elderly at our five care homes

These are our current homes:
Park House Alexandra House Melbourne House
Canal Vue Belle Vue Lodge
Eastgate Care champions the employment of high calibre staff, in its pursuit to deliver dignified, individualised, high standards of care, to the people who use our services.
To successfully progress our mission, we apply the 6C's Principles to our everyday practice, whether it be during a planned training session or during the delivery of care. Care, compassion, competence, communication, courage and commitment are our core values throughout our organisation. Full details about the 6C's are to be found on the About Us page

Eastgate Care Homes

Our priorities are quality care & comfort for all the residents. All of our purpose built homes are recognised and approved by local Health Authorities, Care Trusts and National Health Services and have the following facilities:

  • Single en-suite rooms tastefully decorated and furnished to a very high standard
  • 24 hour specialist nurse call system fully qualified Nursing staff
  • Multiple lounges overlooking the landscaped gardens
  • Regular visits by local GP, chiropodist, optician, physiotherapist and dentist
  • Weekly in-house hairdresser
  • Dedicated activities co-ordinator and regularly organised pastimes and pursuits
  • Traditional home cooked meals and special diets catered for

Because our homes are purpose built they provide the best possible environment for our residents as well as a clean, effective and efficient workplace for our staff.

If you are looking for a place for your relative in need of residential nursing care there is no requirement to book an appointment to visit, our friendly staff will do their best to show you round any time.

We are proud of the opportunities we provide for our staff to develop their knowledge and skills and in Spring 2010 Eastgate completed the refurbishment of the former White Swan Inn. This is now home to our training and admin facilities.

Having a dedicated training facility situated near our Care Homes enables staff to concentrate on their learning away from their busy workplace. It is evidence of our commitment to ensuring our care home staff are fully trained, giving them a career path.

The result is that staff remain loyal to us, our residents aren't faced with a continuing stream of changing care staff but get to know their carers and the carers get to know the residents and their preferences.


Choosing a care home

How does a caring relative find the right place for a family member who needs specialist care?

There are many factors depending on individual circumstances. The two main considerations are whether the home is equipped to handle the individual's medical needs and how good a "quality of life" the home can provide.

As regards medical needs you need the medical profession's guidance. Some homes will have specialisations in handling particular categories of need, for example Park House has a specialist palliative care unit. Call us to discuss the medical care environment your relative needs and we will advise which of our homes can best address those needs.

You can get an impression the "quality of life" a home can provide by visiting a home.

  • At Eastgate we welcome visitors even without an appointment, that means we have no opportunity to undertake any "window dressing" to give a false impression to a visitor. We maintain the same consistent high standards 24/7.
  • You can see all our homes are purpose built, that means there is no need for compromise, no squeezing rooms into spaces defined by the dimensions of an older property. No awkward steps and too-narrow corridors. Doorways are wide enough to allow an occupied hospital bed to be wheeled through where appropriate. The rooms are designed to be easy to clean so hygiene standards are high.
  • The quality of the staff is very important. When you visit a home you can make your own judgement. Look not just at the person showing you round but also notice how the other staff are behaving in respect of you as a visitor and the residents they are working with.
  • Don't be afraid to engage some of the residents in conversation so you can assess how well cared for they appear.
  • We expect that anyone looking for a home will visit several so as to be in a position to make an informed choice. You may like to print off a copy of our Checklist to help you make your own assessment.