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Well Received at Park House - Sparky Revived


Hello Helen -

After visiting Mary yesterday we have noticed a marked improvement in the atmosphere and general ambience of Park House over the last couple of weeks. The staff seem much more at ease and seem to be now enjoying their work. The placing of a nurse's station in the centre of the main lounge is a great idea as it means that there is always a member of staff present, which has not been the case over the last few months.

We have also noticed that there are 2 new residents in the corner of the lounge (the budgies). This is also a great idea as we think it has a calming effect on the residents and We are sure that they appreciate this. Sparky was sadly missed.

We have also noticed that tea/coffee is now given mid morning and mid afternoon as it should be and also visitors are offered a drink, which again is much appreciated.

We sincerely hope that this good work will continue when the new manager takes up her post.

Thanking you again

Kind regards

Graham and Marion



Posted on 13 Mar 2015
What People Really Think of the Care at Park House

Lots of heartfelt wishes are received at Park House, to thank our staff for the great job they do providing care for the residents every day;





Carers Corner; Maria & Paula with resident Margaret


Posted on 10 Feb 2015
An engAging time for residents with iPads and City Arts Nottingham

Technology and Dementia are two areas that dont always go 'hand in hand', but we were able to get the full benefit of  top expertise on this matter. City Arts Nottingham put together a programme for utilising the iPad within a care home setting, to make a range of  creative activities available, as part of the Imagine Project. This project was established by City Arts following their successful funding win for 'Arts and older people in care'.

 Activities Co-ordinator, Katie, shows Pat some different things she can do on the iPad.

 Workshops over the 6 week period culminated  in this monatage below. It was discovered that residents liked an end result, such as a 'printed' output and that an exhibition of the work created an even more positive outcome for the individuals involved. This helped recall of the tasks undertaken. Patricia Wass, Mary Hazard and Keith Gilbert were the residents who enjoyed creating the poster below. 

 iPads are used to stimulate creativity and can be used to record activities, with a vast access to a wide range of creative programmes from design to filming and music. The flower arranging activity was especially popular and residents enjoyed taking their finished item to display in their rooms.The little decorative birds used in the arrangements have created a lasting impression.


Resident Keith selected the Elvis picture, as he is a very keen fan, he enjoyed listening to Elvis whilst viewing the pictures of him , with this picture of Elvis being his favourite. 


 As well as the residents enjoying the art programme, Katies said 'We enjoyed the whole experience and I am thankful we had the chance at Park House to introduce this programme with the iPads'

 Individuals involved in this particular workshop selected their individual background designs.Those who hadn't engaged in the project became used to the activities and got interested in what was taking place.  

Posted on 25 Jan 2015
Girls night out - Girls night in - Bulwell and Aspley

Park House residents enjoy going out in Bulwell to see the lights & our residents at Melbourne House Aspley like to stay in and enjoy the warmth;


Residents - Bertha Lockyer and Mary Ball with Park House Staff, Carer Nicola and Shirley (Kitchen)  all 'togged up' for their big night out, to see the 'lighting up' in Bulwell town.


Poppies inspire our Melbourne artists to enjoy the warmth of their care home and 'create' while those hardy Bulwell folk wrap up and 'brave the elements' for the lights.


We all like to hear some live music and especially a band playing carols, helps to get in the Christmas spirit.


Concentrating on colouring gives a real focus, as shown here by our lady resident in the pink!


Gathering round the laden tree our ladies pose before returning back to a their warm welcoming home and maybe a cup of Horlicks?

 We can see how satisfying this art activity was by the lovely smile on our ladies face as she enjoys her creativity, in by the hearth.


Well done to all the carers and relatives for making a big effort to get residents to this festive evening;

Posted on 03 Dec 2014
Carers Corner at Park House - A warming story

A warming story, as carer Brenda helps residents in the new Park House wing to make their own 'fire' ;

 All a part of the carers role as carer Brenda gets 'stuck in' literally! Helping residents Dagmar (in the background putting on gloves) and Margaret with their fireplace project.


Listening and learning is as much a part of the carers' role as personal hygiene.

Our carers provide the foundation for daily life at all the care homes. They care for your nearest and dearest.

Carers Maria and Paula make a positive difference to our residents' lives.


Making tiles for the surround - both these residents enjoy interaction with their carers and Brenda obviously has an eye for activities!

The finished fireplace, giving a warm glow to the residents lounge.

More Carers Corner 'tales' from the Eastgate Newsletter;

We asked some of our experienced Park House carers to share their thoughts with us;

Maria Rovetto (4 years as a carer) says: 'The reason I enjoy caring for the residents is because I learn a lot about the residents and the past. I enjoy talking with them and listening to their stories about how their life used to be back in their day, we talk a lot between us'


Paula Butler enjoys her role as Senior Carer partly because of the different needs of the residents, which has changed during her 16 years at Park House. Paula says,

 Care is more varied and challenging today, but that makes it interesting and every day is different.  I work with a great team and I am still learning something new and that is very rewarding.



Posted on 01 Dec 2014

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