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Greenhouse Sparks Residents Gardening Club at Alex House

A nearby local resident had the foresight to donate a small portable greenhouse and with the enthusiasm and inventiveness of Activities Coordinator Loraine Rose, the Gardening Club was set up earlier this year.   

Some Alex House residents already had an interest in gardening and were keen to have an outlet for their knowledge.

Ten residents participate in the group and between them they have managed to grow a whole range of vegetables; tomatoes, green beans, courgettes - many from seed.   Lettuces have already been enjoyed and the ‘home grown’ potatoes are nearly ready for the table. Colour is added with a variety of pot plants, tubs and hanging baskets with some plants being donated.

Care Home owner and MD Mr Day said ‘Our residents are benefitting from this activity and they are able to take part in a hobby which they truly enjoy, they can benefit from being outdoors and to be able to produce something is a real plus. We hope this project will continue for many years to come’.

The dedication of the Alex House Care workers enabled this venture to ‘get off the ground’ because in addition to Lorraine’s organising skills, further help was needed for daily watering and the loan of garden tools. Sheila Fletcher deserves a special mention, she has brought  special gardening knowledge and commitment to this project.

Donations of unwanted plants and garden tools can always find a Home at Alex House Gardening club!

Posted on 15 Jul 2010
Fish Friday for Alex’ House New Club

The first Alexandra House monthly luncheon club meeting took place on a Fish Friday in June, when members of the local community were invited to visit, ‘take lunch’ and participate in a game of bingo or a quiz. Fabulous fish was cooked by Marie, Alex House receptionist, who swapped her catering career for a caring career!

Kitchen assistant Haley has volunteered to come and play the piano on another occasion – such multi-skilled staff are a great asset to the team and contribute hugely to the enjoyment of such events.

A great social time was had by all participants.

Next Lunch Club meet is on 21st July – What will be on the Wednesday Menu?
Posted on 29 Jun 2010
Matron Makes a Meal Of Things
An eventful Monday morning activity occurred recently at Alex House Care Home, Eastwood. This impromptu event took place when the scheduled cook couldn’t get in to work and back up staff were not contactable. Come lunchtime all available resources were used to create a fish and chip lunch for over 30 residents and staff, with the help of the local ‘Chippy’!

Everyone 'pulled together' to gather the ingredients and involve the residents in the project; Manager Sally Barry become the chief coordinator, organising the assembly line, to present cod, chips, chicken nuggets and mushy peas, complete with a fruit and ice cream dessert. Activities Co-ordinator Lorraine was seen to don the rubber gloves and get a ‘clear-up’ team together.

The event was such a success and so much fun enjoyed by staff and residents, it has been suggested that the 'Residents Cook-In' becomes a frequent event across all the Eastgate Care Homes.
Posted on 15 Jun 2010

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