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HR Professional Sue Young returns to Eastgate Care



As the Human Resource focus increases in importance,

with the growing number of Eastgate Staff and their development needs, we welcome back Sue Young to assist with this function.


Sue brings a great wealth of knowledge gained throughout her career in personnel roles within leading Nottingham businesses and with Eastgate Care.

Posted on 05 May 2015
Melbourne House gets the Top Recommendations

Highly recommended.........................

Melbourne House gains 5 recommendations over the past month and becomes Eastgates hightest rated home with a fabulous 9.4 points out of 10 on the carehome.co.uk scale. (this is the leading indicator of performance in the UK)

This is borne out further by the Nancy and Maxs'  family who put this into words on their thank you card to all the staff.


I am writing on behalf of our family to express thanks for the care you gave to Mum and Dad (Nancy and Max) when they lived at Melbourne House. I would particularly like to thank your for the devotion shown to Dad at the time of his death and the support you gave us.

There are many staff who’s names I am not familiar with and I do not want to leave anyone out because they are all worthy of thanks. However I would like to ask you to pass on our gratitude to Alicia, she went beyond the call of duty staying to sit with Dad when he was right near the end, even though she was off-duty. Rachel a stalwart throughout Mum and Dads time with you and always strove to ensure they received the best care possible. Antoinette was very kind to Mum in the mornings and I really appreciated the way Barry and Christine supported them both calmly, firmly and kindly. I also have to mention Koalas strength and commitment to Dad in his final hours.

I know that Dad had great respect Pauline, as do I, You always made yourself available and willing to help us and were a great support to me. Thank you for attending Dad’s funeral, I guess it is sometimes in the small things we notice the real depth of care – I’ll never forget the way you warmed up my soup when staying at the home, shortly after Dad’s death, you were busy and also ill and should’ve been at home in bed, but you took care of my needs.

I hope all is well at Melbourne House and wish you the very best for the future, please accept the enclosed cheque as a small token of thanks for your staff. Please use it as you see appropriate.

Once again many thanks for all you’ve done for us.

Jim S & Sue S


Care Home Manager, Pauline Zadwirny, proud of her 'caring team' and a shining example herself.


Staff and residents at recent Pajama gathering!



Posted on 12 Mar 2015
Chef Catering for Residents Needs at Ilkeston

John Williams is 'Super Chef' at Canal Vue and believes firmly that home-made is best and I'm sure if you visit us you will agree!



When I called into Canal Vue, Beef Stew and Dumplings were just being served up to the residents, accompanied by fresh veg chopped and steamed just that morning. John knows his veg. too, having run a wholesale fruit and veg business for a number of years - so unafraid of an early start also.


Residents are enjoying the range of dishes John can create and are especially fond of his strawberry cheesecake (home-made too, who could resist!)


One visitor remarked, 'this looks much better than the food i ate out last night at a local venue'




John trained at Clarendon College Nottingham when he was 16, and therefore has a good few years of catering experience, having worked at Nottinghams clubs and restaurants.


He is now ready for a 'quieter' time and enjoys the welcome homely atmosphere at Canal Vue and working with the residents nutritional needs.






Posted on 05 Mar 2015
Beyond the Call of Duty at Park House

 Eastgate Staff are well known for their dressing-up and for going the extra mile, well these two staff at Park House certainly fulfilled both these criteria. Carers Brenda Hill and Maureen Slater decided to do more than a 'fancy jumper' and give our residents a treat and probably a laugh too as they came to work in their elves costumes.

Brenda and Maureen are really good elves, as they look after the residents on a daily basis and over the holiday period too.


Posted on 05 Jan 2015
New Operations Manager - Helen Belgrave Joins Management Team

We would like to welcome Helen Belgrave to the Eastgate Management Team as Operations Manager


Helen has worked for almost 30 years in the care industry, starting her career as a Care Assistant and then qualifying as a Nurse. After 15 years nursing in the NHS, Helen followed this with 7 years in care management for Social Services. Her experience extends to Care Home Management in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire and more recently she has been an Operations Manager in the North of England.


 Helen’s passion lies with residential, dementia and nursing in older people.



In the short term Helen will be based at Canal Vue as temporary Home Manager.











In the short term Helen will be based at Canal Vue as temporary Home Manager.


Posted on 16 Dec 2014

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