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Residents of Alexander House Care Home spent a thoughtful afternoon engaged in a craft task of their own choosing – creating appreciation cards for their care team. As 2024 begins.

Residents, armed with colourful papers, markers, and a spectrum of decorative materials, embarked on this creative journey to express their gratitude for the exceptional care they receive.

Each card, intricately designed and personalised, symbolised a token of appreciation for the carers’ dedication and kindness. This activity served not only as a creative outlet for the residents but also as a poignant reminder of the strong bonds formed in care settings.

The carers, upon receiving these tokens of gratitude, were deeply touched, reinforcing the mutual respect and affection that exist between them and the residents.

This initiative demonstrates the profound impact of simple gestures of appreciation. It underlines the significance of recognising and valuing the hard work and commitment of those who dedicate their lives to caring for others.

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