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Alexander House Care Home has embarked on a project to help local feathered friends thrive during the colder months. Residents of the care home have come together to create easy DIY bird feeders, an initiative that combines environmental stewardship with engaging craft activities.

The project, aimed at providing sustenance for local birds, also served as a meaningful pastime for the residents. “Not only will these bird feeders keep the birds happy and well-fed, but it was also a fun and fulfilling project for everyone to take part in,” said Danielle, activities coordinator.

The bird feeders were made using simple, eco-friendly materials, ensuring that the initiative is not only wildlife-friendly but also sustainable. The care home staff facilitated the activity, providing guidance and support to the residents, many of whom found joy and satisfaction in contributing to the wellbeing of local wildlife.

This project is part of Alexander House Care Home’s broader commitment to engaging residents in activities that enhance their sense of purpose and community connection. Crafting bird feeders not only encourages creativity and manual dexterity but also provides an opportunity for residents to engage with nature, something that has been shown to have positive effects on mental health and wellbeing.

The homemade bird feeders have been placed around the care home’s gardens, allowing residents to observe and enjoy the visiting birds. This has added an element of natural beauty to the environment of the care home and has been a source of great interest and conversation among the residents.

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