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In a display of community support and warmth, Canal Vue Care Home in Ilkeston recently received a significant donation from the Ilkeston Morrisons supermarket.

The store generously provided over 20 pints of milk, a gesture that goes beyond mere donation, symbolising the strong community ties and support that enriches the care home’s environment.

This timely gift comes as a bonus, particularly during the chilly month of January. The milk will be used in a variety of ways within the home, from enhancing the flavour of comforting homemade sauces and puddings to enriching the residents’ daily tea, coffee, and hot chocolate.

The donation from Morrisons is more than just a contribution of food supplies; it’s an act that shows the care and attention the local community has for its elderly members.

It highlights the importance of community involvement in care homes, bringing a sense of belonging and connection to the residents. This generous gesture not only aids the daily operations of Canal Vue Care Home but also sets a example of community spirit and care in Ilkeston.

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Canal Vue Care Home is a covid-safe place to live. It is a purpose built modern residential care home designed to provide the very best in residential, dementia care and respite for older people. Situated in a scenic and peaceful canal-side setting, the home offers convenient access to Ilkeston railway station or the M1 and is less than 7 miles from the centre of Nottingham. Managed by a highly skilled and experienced team of carers, comfort in a safe caring environment awaits you with a very warm welcome.  www.eastgatecare.co.uk