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Home vacancy enquiries: call 0739 928 9956




Choosing a Care home

Book a visit

Our coordinator Rashpal, is available on 0739 928 9956 to help you with the next step, discuss your needs, advise about assessment and liaise with the care home manager to help find the best care for you or your relative.

There is no judge better than you to assess whether a home is the right choice. At Eastgate Care we welcome your visit, no booking required, which means you can be sure you are getting a true impression of the home; speak to staff and some residents will welcome the chance to chat to someone new and tell of their experiences.

It is best to avoid visiting at meal-times and overnight and if you are able to book ahead we will have more time to dedicate to your visit.

There is a checklist to help with the things you may need to know and other guidance available on our Resources Page.

What type of care does your loved-one need?

All our homes provide;

  • A team of dedicated and professional care workers
  • Purpose built premises.
  • Out-door space/garden
  • Areas of expertise;  Park House & Melbourne have expertise and in end of life care, Canal Vue is primarily a residential home with dementia care. 
  • Click on the links to the right for brief explanations of the different care categories.

How well equipped and laid out is the home?

Purpose built means that all

  • Doors and corridors are wide enough for a bed or wheelchair to go through.
  • Minimal use of steps & upstairs all accessible by lifts.
  • En-suite private shower and toilets are available in the majority of rooms, rather than shared facilities and commodes.



Quality of life & provision of “enrichment activities”

  • It’s good to be able to continue with pastimes like gardening, card-games, reading, art and music.
  • It’s important too to be able to keep mobile.
  • Outings and visiting entertainment can help keep mind and body stimulated, active and interested.
  • Several lounge areas means that those wanting a quiet space are not disturbed by others who need the TV volume turned up high.

What about you?

Caring for a much-loved parent or life-partner can become very emotionally and physically draining and the time may be right for professional care.

It can be scary to leave your parent or relative in the care of someone else, a proper assessment can help you with that decision, so that you do what is right for all the family. Rest assured at Eastgate Care they will be in safe hands.

Types of care

Respite care
Family members often do an heroic job caring for a relative in their own homes but they may fall ill themselves or need to take a break. Respite care will take over their responsibilities for a while.
Nursing care

The resident has a need for a degree of nursing care insufficient to justify occupying a hospital bed but more than can be provided at home.

Dementia care

Loss of a relative’s mental faculties is difficult and distressing for family to cope with. High quality Dementia care is a specialist skill and can make the best of what faculties the resident has remaining.

Palliative care

For those in the later stages of a terminal illness, not necessarily aged.  Pain relief becomes the highest priority.

The aim is to deliver the best possible quality of life for their remaining time.

Personal/Residential care

While in many ways in relatively good health, managing at home has become too demanding. A care home offers a safe, comfortable place to stay with all normal needs provided for.


Typically for those recovering after major surgery. Hospital care is no longer appropriate but the patient is not yet able to return home and look after themselves and there is no friend or family member able to provide a suitable level of assistance.

Customised Care

Customised Care is for those whose needs don’t quite fit into a category. Using our many years’ experience of understanding the needs of our elderly residents, we can provide a custom service managing dietary and other special needs using our fully qualified understanding staff.

Other factors to consider

  • The physical location; it’s important to be close to friends and family rather than needing them to travel a long distance to visit.
  • Public transport or the availability of parking might be important as are local facilities.
  • Snacks and drinks are available 24×7.
  • Funding: our fees are competitive and based on individual needs