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Our priority every day at Alexandra House, is the wellbeing and care of our residents. Their quality of life, comfort, health, nutrition, and mental health, is our only focus.

Our in-built ‘way’ of working with the elderly and vulnerable, translates to our natural ability to show empathy, compassion and real understanding of what it means to be in the hands of a carer.

Assistant Manager at Alexandra House Care Home, Caroline Carraher: “Every day we recognise it’s a big day for those in our care. We respect the trust our residents put in us and in return we give them nothing but the very best of care, attention and love.

Alexandra House is a purpose built modern residential care home, designed to provide the very best in nursing and residential care for older people. Situated in a quiet cul-de-sac on the outskirts of Eastwood, the home is close to local shops, a pub, church, and bus route into the centre of Eastwood and the nearby city of Nottingham. Managed by a highly skilled and experienced team of carers, comfort in a safe caring environment awaits you with a very warm welcome.