Home vacancy enquiries: 0739 928 9956

Home vacancy enquiries: call 0739 928 9956

Eastgate Management Team

Managing Director

Janine Morgan

Along with her administrative and financial skills, Janine brings to her role at Eastgate several years experience of working at the White Swan, Eastgate Head Office. She has comprehensive knowledge of Care Home Operations, a good understanding of customer supplier relations, banking experience and is a great team player and Manager. Successful projects to date include; supplier analysis, cost effective purchasing systems, overseeing the Cool Care system implementation. Travel is a popular pastime for Janine.

Human Resource and Compliance Manager

Sue Young

Group Human Resource and Compliance Manager

Sue brings her very important personnel skills, knowledge of care home management and staffing to support the Eastgate Care business in both HR and compliance.

Sue originates from Leicester but has lived most of her life in Nottingham and worked for many years in the hotel sector.
“The good thing is in this role I can utilise all my People and Process Management experience – 25 years of it – to help support the Home Managers and the Eastgate Care Senior Team. I like getting involved in the bigger picture, to achieve outstanding nursing homes and rewarding the hard work of our care and nursing teams, that make every moment count for our residents.”

Marketing Manager

Julie Elliott

Eastgate Care has developed high quality facilities and services for the Care Homes. It is Julie’s role to “broadcast” these achievements, using her extensive marketing experience, to promote the Company Image and develop PR initiatives within the local and broader community.

Julie effectively communicates the wide range of the group’s programmes and activities across the group as well as externally. She has performed a range of different marketing roles from research through to web development and has a wide range of business knowledge to complement the development of Eastgate Care.

Updating the Eastgate website, newsletters and introducing social media channels, are all current projects.

Finance Manager

Rashpal Johal

Finance Manager

Rashpal Johal has utilised her financial skills gained over 28 years of working in banking to develop procedures and systems for monetary control at Eastgate Care. ‘Working for Eastgate means being involved in lots of different aspects of business, both the financial and personal elements – which is very rewarding.’
Rashpal has successfully worked for Eastgate now for 6 years in a variety of roles; payroll, cash management and office services and we welcome her in the additional role as home vacancy coordinator.

Training Manager

Training Manager

Stephanie Johnson

Training Manager

We recently welcomed Stephanie Johnson back to Eastgate, following the birth of a lovely baby boy – well done and our congratulations go to Steph. Now knuckling-down to the challenging role of providing training during very difficult conditions for care homes.

Blended learning is definitely the way forward and with Stephanie’s return on a part time basis it is the ideal way to realign our training service, given the current state of change in all working environments.

We now provide a wide range of externally accredited training courses, ensuring our staff are fully equipped to perform their roles, via an online provider, thus offering a wider range of courses to our staff.

Steph joined Eastgate Care in 2015 when she became a carer at Canal Vue and found her vocation when she ventured into training.

“Eastgate is a positive learning and development source, with senior staff acting as mentors and plenty of opportunities to develop skills and progress. My interest in the broad picture of an individual’s care aligns with the Eastgate philosophy of person centred care.”




Company Founder

James Day


Company Founder

James first established the Eastgate Care Home Company in 1990 and since then has spent the time managing and developing the business, building it into the strong multimillion pound turnover it is today.

In his early days James spent some time playing for Nottingham Forest and then spent several years in civil engineering building projects.

His construction project management skills were used originally to build a number of “individual” Care Homes and sheltered housing schemes. Nowadays he focuses on providing quality care purpose built accommodation, managed by an enthusiastic well trained Care Team.

As well as project management skills, James is also an able helmsman and helicopter pilot, having accomplished licences in both these areas.He also enjoys reading about Ancient History.