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The much-anticipated first phase of covid-19 vaccinations have taken place and are now complete to the relief of residents, their loved ones and staff.

Under the careful guidance of the familiar faces of the community Advanced Nurse Practitioners, residents and care home staff patiently waited their turn for the jab that took seconds to administer with no pain or after effects.

Janine Managing Director of Eastgate Care Ltd says: “Our residents were very brave! Although eager to have their vaccination, it’s still an anxious time waiting for an injection, but they handled it with much grace.

“We are very grateful for the rapid roll-out across our sites and pleased to say this has now ensured our residents are much safer and less vulnerable to the terrible disease that Covid-19 is.

“We are still taking the necessary precautions, wearing facemasks and screens, adhering to strict hand washing routines. With sanitizing and social distancing continuing to be compulsory until government guidance says otherwise. However we are very optimistic and see this as the first step to a much safer and brighter future for all of us.”

The rollout of the first phase of vaccinations is now complete. Eastgate Care Ltd provides covid-safe places to live in purpose-built nursing and residential care homes designed to provide the very best in nursing, dementia, and respite care for older people across sites in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire. www.eastgatecare.co.uk