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Treating people with kindness, respect, compassion and empathy comes naturally to everyone at Eastgate Care Group, it’s our vocation in life.

From having a dance with one of our treasured residents; holding a hand in need, or sharing a laugh, it’s all part of our high standards in care and personal relationships we provide nurturing support for a better quality of life.

Helping you to make the right care decision, we’ve created a really useful checklist that you can use to help you make a decision about which type of care is more appropriate for you or your loved one.

This extensive list outlines nursing and medical care, full-time house keeping services, the plethora of activities and entertainment, it also features general and personal facilities, safety and specialist features, with the addition of a really useful Additional Features list packed full of useful information that you may not have considered. Read it here https://eastgatecare.co.uk/pdfs/checklist.pdf

Had you thought about if your loved one can dine and entertain privately? Well they can, certainly when all covid restrictions are lifted. Do you worry about their access to the outside world? We have free Wi-Fi links throughout our homes for all residents and they are supported to stay connected. Once the covid restrictions are lifted, our visits outside in the community will commence once again, communication and socialization is a priority. Worried if specific diets, likes or dislikes will be catered for?  Getting to know our residents is a priority, every aspect of how expect to live their life forms part of an in-depth Care Plan, this is continuously updated and referred to by our team to ensure the best care experience possible.

Eastgate Care offers bespoke care for individuals over the age of 65 across Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. The group’s modern and purpose built nursing and residential care homes, provide comfort in a safe caring environment managed by highly skilled and experienced carers. A warm welcome awaits all.  Check our care out here www.eastgatecare.co.uk or enquire to learn more here