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Park House Care Home Manager, Stephanie, has been announced as a finalist in the prestigious Women Achieving Greatness in Social Care Awards.

Stephanie has been recognised in the ‘Social Care Superwoman’ category, an honour that highlights her exceptional contributions and unwavering commitment to the field of social care.

The Women Achieving Greatness in Social Care Awards are designed to celebrate the vital work done by women across the social care sector, acknowledging those who go above and beyond to make a significant impact on the lives of those they care for.

The ‘Social Care Superwoman’ category seeks to honour a leader who demonstrates extraordinary strength, passion, and dedication in her role. Stephanie’s approach to management, characterised by a hands-on, empathetic style, coupled with her ability to lead by example, makes her stand out in her field.

The award ceremony, set to take place in the coming weeks, is eagerly anticipated by Stephanie and her team at Park House Care Home. Regardless of the outcome, Stephanie’s status as a finalist is a significant honour and serves as a reminder of the vital role of leadership in social care.

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