The humble box of cereal called Rice Snaps from Lidl made for the perfect baking activity at Canal Vue care and nursing home.

Taking the opportunity to come together around the kitchen table for a catch up; the breakfast ingredient was paired with chocolate buttons and sprinkles after receiving a hefty coating of melted diary chocolate to bind the ingredients.

Presented in brightly coloured bun cases the cereal delights were left to cool and then presented to the rest of the house for the ideal informal tea break boost.

Naomi Allsop activity coordinator at Canal View Care Home says: “Baking is always enthusiastically embraced by our residents. It’s the perfect way to catch up and talk about the day’s events and plans. Of course it’s really satisfying for our residents when they see their creation complete and other residents taking the joy and satisfaction in eating them too.” Canal Vue is a purpose built modern residential care homes designed to provide the very best in residential care for older people. Situated in a scenic and peaceful canal side setting the home offers convenient access to Ilkeston railway station or the M1 and is less than 7 miles from the centre of Nottingham. Managed by a highly skilled and experienced team of carers comfort in a safe caring environment awaits you with a very warm welcome.