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Training Manager

Stephanie Johnson

Training Manager

We recently welcomed Stephanie Johnson back to Eastgate, following the birth of a lovely baby boy – well done and our congratulations go to Steph. Now knuckling-down to the challenging role of providing training during very difficult conditions for care homes.

Blended learning is definitely the way forward and with Stephanie’s return on a part time basis it is the ideal way to realign our training service, given the current state of change in all working environments.

We now provide a wide range of externally accredited training courses, ensuring our staff are fully equipped to perform their roles, via an online provider, thus offering a wider range of courses to our staff.

Steph joined Eastgate Care in 2015 when she became a carer at Canal Vue and found her vocation when she ventured into training.

“Eastgate is a positive learning and development source, with senior staff acting as mentors and plenty of opportunities to develop skills and progress. My interest in the broad picture of an individual’s care aligns with the Eastgate philosophy of person centred care.”